Sadly, is closed. With only a core of 3 or 4 committed volunteer Technicians, we were neither able to maintain the excellent volunteer Technician base, nor were we able to justify the cost of running the site with almost a non-existent cash flow from donations. Code and server support were becoming too much of a full time job for me and was becoming onerous.

Manufacturer support options are becoming much better as is software, negating the need for a site such as

All Client data is no longer available, but every client should have in their possession all correspondence between them and one of our former Technicians in their E-Mail.

Unfortunately, at present, and in the future, help will only be available via Internet discussion groups and Internet searches.

All in all, I decided that for the reasons above, could no longer provide the excellent service expected by our Clients as was done in the past.


Richard Streeter - Owner, General Manager,